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  • February 12, 2024

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The kitchen, being one of the most high-traffic areas in any house, can often lead to stress due to jam-packed cupboards and overflowing drawers. Knowing where to start or what to buy to restore organization, functionality, and Zen to your space can be overwhelming. Cleaning expert Melissa Maker dropped by The Morning Show with five simple tips to take control and get organized.
1. Everything out! 

First, remove everything from your cupboards and drawers, advises Maker. Then, use a handheld vacuum to eliminate crumbs and thoroughly clean everything, she suggests. After clearing away all the debris, wipe down the surfaces with soapy water. If tackling the entire kitchen at once seems daunting, start small by organizing a few cupboards and drawers at a time.

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2. SortBefore you put all the cans and boxes back, sort them into piles, advises Maker, and ensure that anything expired doesn’t make its way back into the cupboard. Also, be realistic about what you’ll actually use. If you have ingredients you know you’re never going to cook with, consider donating those goods instead of putting them back.When it comes to re-shelving, Maker emphasizes the importance of ‘FIFO,’ which stands for ‘first in, first out.’ Always prioritize the item that entered the house first—or the one that will expire first—and place it at the front of the cabinet. This ensures that you use the oldest items first, making organization more efficient. 3. Use liners

Liners can help keep your drawers and cupboards clean and scratch-free. Ensure you measure and mark the liner, cutting it to fit the space precisely. Additionally, liners provide a moisture barrier, notes Maker. They prevent wood from warping if something wet is placed in the cupboards or drawers. Moreover, liners keep items in place, preventing dishes and pots from sliding around.

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4. Take inventoryEnsure all your containers have lids, and travel mugs and water bottles come with accompanying tops, advises Maker. Anything lacking a mate should be discarded, she adds. This includes cookbooks; if you’re not using some, add them to your donation pile. Consider posting items for donation in a free neighborhood group or simply leaving them at the front of your house. 5. Storage solutions

Consider your space before investing in any organization solutions. Are your cabinets deep or short? Tailor your storage solutions accordingly to maximize efficiency and functionality.

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Utensil inserts and drawer dividers are excellent tools for maintaining drawer organization, ensuring each item has its designated space.

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If you have tall cupboards with limited shelves, stacking your items can be a cost-effective solution to maximize space.


Don’t underestimate the power of a Lazy Susan! It’s a fantastic option for organizing condiments, supplements, and more.

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