Drivers to face 2600 percent fee hike

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  • February 10, 2024

LAHORE – Authorities in Punjab announced strict policy for those driving without a license, and provincial capital then witnessed around 800 percent increase in the issuance of new driving licenses.

As people are following the law to get driving licenses, the caretaker government imposed a huge increase in the fee for driving licenses, leaving motorists in financial distress.

The government recently whopping surge in driving license fees, with some categories experiencing staggering increases of up to 2600pc.

For two-wheelers, the fee has been increased to Rs4900, a 791pc increase as earlier bikers paid a mere Rs60.

Car owners need to pay Rs11,400 for 5-years, while the previous fee was Rs550.

License Type Old Fee New Fee Increase
Bike Rs.60 Rs.4,900 790%
Car/Jeep Rs.550 Rs.11,400 1100%
Motorcycle Rickshaw Rs.950 Rs.2,500 355%
Light Transport Rs.550 Rs.12,400 1205%
Heavy Transport Rs.950 Rs.12,400 2655%
Tractor  Rs.450 Rs.9,900 2100%
Commercial Tractor Rs.450 Rs.9,900 2100%

For commercial transport, drivers were slapped with around 2656pc hike. Tractor owners also experience a substantial 2100pc fee hike, rising from Rs450 to Rs9900.

The new fee is effective from January 17, 2023, and is said to create a hole in pocket of Pakistanis who are already facing record inflation.

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