Former Pakistan captain throws weight behind Azam Khan’s demand for clarity

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  • February 10, 2024

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has voiced his support for wicket-keeper batter Azam Khan, in his request for clear definition of his role and performance expectations within the national team.

Azam had recently expressed his frustrations about getting inconsistent chances with the national team in a discussion with veteran cricketer Shoaib Malik.

“I have always understood that when I play league cricket, I get a complete opportunity because they know I can win them games, so they are calling me here. That means either you are putting doubts in my mind that I am not good at this level, then it’s okay, then I will find my own way,” Azam Khan had said.

While speaking on his YouTube channel, Butt highlighted Khan’s concerns about the coaching staff’s treatment towards him, suggesting that the young player feels undervalued and lacking in confidence due to their actions.

“See, he made some right points there related to the coaching staff. He said that he is being made to feel that he isn’t good enough. He is still very young. He will realize later in his career that some coaches aren’t real coaches; they are just there to praise the players. They want to please the players just so that they can retain their position,” Butt said.

Highlighting the importance of giving the 25-year-old more opportunities, the former captain emphasized that the young player should have been given a chance to play the entire series.

“He (Azam Khan) should have gotten a chance to play the entire series. In a couple of matches, he went to bat when the required run rate was close to 13, which isn’t easy for any batter. However, if you want to play international cricket, you have to be fit. With the kind of talent that he has, he can perform a lot better if he works on his fitness,” he added.

It is worth noting that Azam Khan made his international comeback during the recently concluded five-match T20I series against New Zealand, but unfortunately, his performance fell short of expectations. During the series, Azam managed to score only 22 runs in three matches, averaging 7.33 with a strike rate of 115.78.