Watch A Freight Train Destroy A Semi Truck That Ignored Closing Barriers

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  • February 11, 2024

American drivers have a tough time with rail crossings, whether it’s due to faulty safety equipment at the railway or haphazard drivers who think there’s still time to make it. It’s because of things like this that the country had more than 2,200 collisions at grade level crossings last year. Now, another driver added to this year’s tally when their semi truck was absolutely minced by a passing freight train.

The driver in question was piloting a white semi truck that was approaching a grade level crossing in Versailles, Ohio, on February 7, reports Storyful. In a video of the collision captured by an onlooking trainspotter, the massive white truck can be seen setting off over the crossing as the barriers begin to close.

As one of the safety arms gets stuck between truck and trailer, the semi comes to a halt and the driver hops out. He can be seen peeking around the front of his truck, before quickly moving to a safe distance.

Oblivious driver stands feet away from tracks as speeding train plows through his truck

Suddenly, bam, the train smashes into the front of the truck, obliterating most of the cab. As Storyful reports:

The driver and passenger of the truck were able to escape the collision uninjured, and no injuries were reported from the crew of the train, according to local media.

The debris from the crash spread over several feet into the parking lot area of a nearby bank, and it was unknown if any nearby vehicles were damaged from the debris, the report said.

The driver of the truck has not been identified by authorities, but in a post on social media local emergency responders said that two patients were treated.

Roads around the crossing were forced to close while emergency services dealt with the aftermath of the crash, which included clearing debris from the track, fuel spills across the scene and repairs were made to the train. Roads and the railway are now back open and operating.

Interestingly, Storyful reports that the train in question was one traveling the U.S. with a special livery. It turns out that’s why budding trainspotter Isaiah Vanderhorst was on the scene to capture the shocking video.

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